Google Cloud Platform
& innovative mapping solutions

Globema – Google Premier Partner of many years

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Google Maps
for your applications and websites

Google Maps Platform consists of 18 single APIs combined in 3 core products – Maps, Routes and Places. They help you seamlessly implement geospatial solutions.

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Partial or full service
migration into the cloud environment

Google Cloud Platform provides safe environment and advanced analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, or Internet of Things tools. It’s simple, efficient, and scalable.

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About Globema

  • We are Google Cloud Premier Partner and the only Google Maps Premier Partner in Poland.
  • We operate in Poland and other Central and Eastern European countries.
  • We sell Google Maps Platform products and provide effective solutions based on Google Maps.
  • We have Location-Based Services Specialization from Google – a proof of our technical proficiency.
  • We implement innovative SaaS model services based on Google Cloud Platform technology.
  • As an R&D Center, we create original solutions with machine learning, artificial intelligence, and speech recognition.
  • Our team consists of Google Maps Platform and Google Cloud Platform specialists holding certifications such as Professional Cloud Architect Certification, Professional Cloud Security Engineer, Maps Technical Fundamentals Credential.