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Important info for existing Google Maps users: update your legacy map styles to the latest version

By April 17, 2024Blog, Google Maps

The next generation of Cloud-based maps styling is fully accessible. Google has announced a crucial update: all legacy map styles will need to migrate to the latest version by March 18, 2025. This upgrade introduces enhanced customization features for developers.

What you need to know & do

For all Google Cloud projects with existing legacy map styles or those who opted out of the next generation of cloud-based map styling before March 18, 2024, these preferences will remain in effect until March 18, 2025.

After March 18, 2025, all legacy map styles will be automatically migrated and decommissioned.

Please note that the automatic migration may lead to changes in map styles. So, what steps should you take?


Ensure to update any legacy map styles to the latest version before March 18, 2025, to prevent disruption in your map styles.

What’s new in the next generation of Cloud-based maps styling?

Zoom level customization

In the latest maps styling, you gain the ability to tailor the map dynamically across various zoom levels, emphasizing the most relevant information at each level. For example, you can adjust the visual weight of map features or incorporate custom markers at different zoom levels.

This level of customization ensures a superior user experience. Consider this use case: a travel company can now effortlessly highlight key points of interest surrounding a property as users zoom in, enhancing their understanding of the area.

Streamlined navigation to map features

Google introduced an efficient filtering option for map features, enabling swift access to desired customization options. The preview now showcases high-level categories that help you style similar features together. Moreover, users can effortlessly expand or collapse categories to focus solely on relevant customization aspects. Any modifications made to default settings in the style editor persist across sessions, allowing seamless continuation of customization efforts.

Enhanced visualization of customized maps

Another newly introduced feature offers an expanded view of the map area under customization by consolidating styleable features, element types, and styles into two panels. With this enhancement, you get a broader view of the map you’re styling, which enables better visualization of the outcomes of your customizations.


On the left, you can see the legacy maps styling. On the right screen, the consolidated panels of the new version uncover a larger map visualization.

We encourage you to update your legacy maps styles ASAP to take full advantage of these new updates. If you have any questions or require support, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is here and ready to provide you with the support you need! 😊