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GeoTraxx helps in planning and optimizing routes using real-time traffic data or common traffic data (based on historical traffic). With GeoTraxx you can calculate the optimal route between up to 23 way-points, track fleet in real time and much more.

For whom is GeoTraxx?

GeoTraxx was designed for transport, logistics & shipping companies and entities with their own car fleet.

Application allows to:

  • search for destination points by addresses, postal codes, subdivisions, latitude and longitude
  • Point of Interest search
  • determine drive routes by given parameters (for example, from postal code to postal code)
  • optimize route and avoid the travelling salesman problem (TSP)
  • determine routes with stops
  • bypass traffic jams thanks to “traffic” functionality
  • monitor vehicles in real time
  • avoid traffic incidents or unforeseen bottlenecks
  • Schedule routes in advance thanks to historical traffic data (Predictive Travel Time)

Benefits for you:

  • visualization of your car fleet or other moving assets
  • optimization of working time of drivers
  • optimization of travel times
  • create your own database of transport information
  • visualization of traveled route
  • taking into consideration the maximum speed during route planning

Benefits for your clients:

  • reducing of unproductive time of drivers
  • avoiding overlapping routes causing additional kilometers
  • lower fuel consomption
  • avoiding traffic jams
  • reducing “empty cars”
  • Easy visualization of destination thanks to Street View and aerial images
  • Information about current traffic and speed limits on the road