Marketing and sales analysis in Google Maps.    Register for a live demo 

GeoMarketing allows you to optimize business and quickly respond to market changes by identifying untapped potential before the competition. The purpose of this application is providing detailed analysis of the markets where you operate and continuous study of the environment. Decision-makers can receive information needed to evaluate: the retail or wholesale, competitive analysis, effectiveness of the sales network, as well as create their own reports with marketing research. GeoMarketing allows you to schedule sales, marketing and business development activities.

For whom is GeoMarketing?

GeoMarketing is designed for companies that want to optimize their business in terms of reaching specific group of customers. Among others is GeoMarketing used in trade, finance, insurance and banking. In addition, that application is used in companies, where spatial information about residents, customers, investments or local sales has an impact on business development.

Application allows to:

  • conduct sales analyses for a given region or given product category
  • use digital maps in report and internal analyses
  • identify best regions for new branches, shops, customer service points etc.
  • help localize current and future clients
  • compare range of branches
  • assign clients to a given branch
  • determine features that have the biggest influence on choosing shop/office location

Benefits for your company:

  • bigger profits thanks to better selection of divisions or shops localization
  • lower costs of business expansion
  • allows to avoid chain shops cannibalism
  • managing spatial information from one place
  • own reports and marketing analysis on Google Maps and in Street View
  • allows to analyse data from different sectors of the company (sales, marketing and more)
  • allows to create comprehensive sales analysis which comply with location and rival companies

Benefits for the employee:

  • allows to create analysis for specific business area
  • clear and businesslike reports for board and decision makers
  • reports and analysis are created much faster
  • interactive access to analytical data
  • better and more effective selection of new shops/offices location
  • everyday work with efficient and up-to-date Google maps