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GeoGrid makes your geospatial data accessible for your workforce and business users, from the office to the field. With GeoGrid, mobile teams have access to maps with data from GIS anytime on any mobile device. Application also enables data aggregation & integration with various systems: CRM, ERP, WFM, Fleet Management and more.

For whom is GeoGrid?

GeoGrid is a web application used by energy & utility DSOs and telecommunication operators. Recent changes cover integration with the new Cloud technology. GeoGrid allows to visualize GIS data directly on Google Maps and Google Street View. The solution supports companies managing technical infrastructure in the field.

  • GeoGrid allows decision-makers to access infrastructure data irrespectively of their current location and on any device. The application supports investment and modernization planning and can be used to perform advanced geospatial analysis.
  • GeoGrid application enables easy access on mobile devices to infrastructure data without the necessity of printing a map or documentation files. In case of emergency event on the network, employees can check the characteristics of field infrastructure and view the attached technical documentation.
  • GeoGrid provides access to data via any web browser. The data is presented in a selectable, simplified form and is displayed as a layer on Google road map and/or aerial photos. This greatly facilitates handling new service requests from potential customers and evaluating and designing new network connections.

Key features:

  • Geometric model of the network infrastructure (linear, point and area objects, i.e. grids nodes, pylons, chambers, stations, buildings, plots of land, etc.)
  • Access to alphanumeric attributes of network objects
  • Attribute-based objects searching
  • Objects location and searching based on address
  • Route searching and navigation
  • Network objects visualization in 3D directly on Google Street View and Google Earth
  • Presentation of network objects on Google Maps data (road and transportation map, aerial imagery, hybrid photos)
  • A complete view of network assets as a layer on Google maps
  • Quick and easy access to infrastructure data in the field on any mobile device (all types of tablets and smartphones are supported)
  • Fast access to technical documentation (PDF and other types of files can be attached to map objects)

Benefits for the company:

  • access to Google Maps and company data in one place
  • faster work in the field
  • lower costs thanks to eliminating errors resulting from incorrect infrastructure localization
  • better communication between field workers and headquarters
  • fast access to documentation, schemes and infrastructure plans
  • no additional hardware is needed

Benefits for the employee:

  • fast and easy access to network data
  • quick object searching through address points
  • determining drive route to a given object with Google navigation
  • intuitive use of GeoGrid – no trainings