Experience the power of Google Maps with global coverage, accurate and up-to-date map data, and a vibrant user community sharing valuable content. As a Google Partner, Globema offers you unparalleled access to Google Maps products, enhancing your digital solutions.

Google Maps Platform


Seamlessly embed customized maps on your website or app.


Empower your users with optimal driving, cycling, and walking routes.


Provide detailed information about places and points of interest on the map.


Access the latest environmental data for any chosen location.


Enhance your web or mobile applications with a comprehensive suite of Google Maps services. Embed Maps in your web or native Android/iOS apps and websites, customize their appearance, and overlay your own data. Utilize features like Street View, satellite imagery, and text autocompletion to simplify address searches.


Dynamic Maps

Customize and style interactive maps with cloud-based styling for real-time updates across all devices and platforms. Help your clients locate your stores, ATMs, or restaurants effortlessly!


Aerial View

Engage your audience with pre-rendered, 3D cinematic videos showcasing points of interest and their surroundings.


Street View

Integrate real-world imagery of your locations or points of interest with immersive 360° panoramas.


Map Tiles

Utilize high-quality photorealistic 2D, 3D, and Street View tiles to create visually appealing and personalized visualizations. Perfect for building 3D models and presenting architectural designs!


Static Maps

Embed simple map images on your website using a straightforward HTTP request.


Maps Embed

Add an interactive map or Street View panorama to your site using a simple HTTP request.



Provide a simple interface to query locations on the Earth for elevation data.


Maps Datasets

Upload, store, and manage your geospatial data in the Google Cloud console to use with Google Maps Platform APIs.


Google Routes services empower your users to find the best way to get from point A to point B, whether by car, bicycle, or on foot, using comprehensive data and real-time traffic updates.



Offer precise directions for transit, biking, driving, or walking between multiple locations.


Distance Matrix

Calculate travel times and distances for multiple destinations.



Identify the route a vehicle travels, including metadata such as speed limits and estimated arrival times.


Compute Routes and Compute Routes Matrix

Provide directions with real-time traffic updates between multiple locations. Calculate travel times and distances for up to 625 route elements.


Help users discover the world with Google Places services and rich data for over 200 million points of interest. Enable them to find specific places using phone numbers, addresses, and more.


Address Validation

Validate and standardize addresses for mailing, and determine the best geocode for an address.



Assist users in quickly finding the place they’re looking for by suggesting businesses and points of interest as they type.


Time Zone

Retrieve the time zone for specific coordinates and the time difference between local time and UTC.


Text Search

Provide information about a set of places based on a single search query and any specified location.



Convert addresses to geographic coordinates or the reverse.



Determine the location of a device without GPS, using data from cell towers and WiFi nodes.


Current Place

Identify your device’s current geographic location and the name of the place, such as a store, restaurant, or historic site.


Nearby Search

Search for places within a specified area, with options to refine by place type.


Place Details and Place Photos

Add detailed information and photos for millions of places to your website or app.


Access the latest environmental data for any location, and use this information for various applications, from helping allergy sufferers stay healthy to designing optimized solar panel arrays.


Air Quality

Provide users with air quality data and insights to help reduce exposure to pollution.



Enhance the daily lives of allergy sufferers with real-time information on different types and levels of pollen.



Utilize advanced solar data and imagery to design superior solar arrays and create detailed proposals, reducing the need for costly site visits.

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Why Globema Stands Out

Knowledge and Experience

We help you select the best Google Maps Platform products and services to grow your business. Our technical consulting and training ensure you learn everything needed to leverage the Platform effectively.

Growth and Innovation

Together, we will craft a growth strategy tailored to your business. With experience across various industries, we know what works best in each unique case.

Control Over Your Business

Gain complete insight into your Google Maps Platform spending and adjust it to meet your needs. Access usage forecasts and detailed usage and cost reports to better manage your licensing payments.

Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Leverage our expertise to create custom solutions tailored to your business. Explore our existing tools based on location services to enhance your operations.