Global coverage, up-to-date map data, big number of users and the content they share are Google Maps’ distinctive features. Get to know the products based on Google Maps, see the advantages provided by Google Partner like Globema and join our clients from all around the world.


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With Google Maps license, you can create rich, accurate maps and embed them into your site or app (Android or iOS). Give your customers context they are looking for with static or dynamic versions of the map. Personalize the map and visualize Google, third party or your own data, using heat maps, symbols, and custom styles. You can include real-time asset tracking (vehicles, delivery, people), as well as historical data, such as property sales. Give users real-world experience with Street View imagery and satellite imagery.

  • Maps
  • Street View – 360° views


Provide precise directions and create optimized routes based on real-time traffic conditions. Predict accurate travel times based on live traffic data for driving, cycling or walking. Choose faster routes for your mobile workers and avoid late deliveries.

  • Directions – finding the best way from point A to Z
  • Distance Matrix – provides the distance between locations and travel time
  • Roads – identifies roads and provides information about them


Help your users discover the world with rich information from database made up of several hundreds of millions detailed places. Provide detailed information about particular place on the map, such as location names, addresses, ratings, reviews, contact information, and atmosphere.

  • Place Details
  • Autocomplete – predictive text function; starts searching for the place you’re looking for as soon as you start typing
  • Time Zone
  • Current Place – identifies actual location of the user
  • Geocoding – converts addresses into geographic coordinates
  • Find Place – user searches by the name, address, or phone number
  • Geolocation – returns a location and accuracy radius based on information about cell towers and WiFi nodes

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What does
Google Maps Platform offer?

Vast usage options such as asset tracking, implementation in internal application (CRM, ERP, SFA), store locator and many more
24/7 technical support
Google Maps Ads control
Useful APIs tailored to your users’ needs (Directions API, Distance Matrix API, Embed Maps API)
– 4 levels of Places API details + free Autocomplete per Session
– Free monthly limit of $200 for maps services

Benefits of collaborating
with a certified Google Partner

Globema, as Google Premier Partner:
– Helps you to select the most efficient Google Maps products and features to improve your business
– Gives you the acces to high-volume discounts only available through a partner, which are lower than the rates quoted online. Partner checks if discounts could apply to your case.
Improves the implementation of maps on your site or in your app
– Controls usage in order to optimize costs of your solution
– Offers technical support
– Provides up-to-date news and informs about changes in the Google Maps Platform
– Offers monthly/quarterly/yearly payment system depending on your needs