Global coverage, up-to-date map data, a big number of users, and the content they share are Google Maps’ distinctive features. Learn about the advantages provided by Google Partner like Globema and get to know the products based on Google Maps.

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Knowledge and experience

We can help you choose those Google Maps Platform products and services which will make your business grow. We will walk you through the whole process as we provide technical support, advisory services, and workshops that teach the best ways to use the GMP.

Development and innovations

We will plan your business growth strategy together with you. We have implemented solutions in many different industries so we learned the most effective approaches for each of them.

Solutions crafted to your needs

Use our knowledge to create solutions that suit your business needs. You can also employ the readymade solutions based on location-based services.

Take control of your business

You can easily track your Google Maps Platform spendings and adjust them to your needs. The GMP gives you insights such as the usage projections and detailed usage and costs reports. This allows you to efficiently manage your licensing costs.

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Google Maps license allows for embedding maps into a website or application (web-based or Android/iOS native app). You can personalize your maps and visualize your data as layers. Google Maps let you include different services such as Street View and satellite imagery and text autocomplete. It helps to find addresses by giving suggestions to the user.


With Google Maps, you can embed static or dynamic versions of the map into your website. The content may be personalized with address geocoding, determining travel routes, presenting different data depending on location, and others. Those functions help to match maps to the company’s profile and provide useful information to your customers.


  • Maps
  • Street View – 360° views


Google Routes provides optimized travel routes. Accurate travel times for driving, cycling, and walking can be predicted based on real-time traffic conditions.


  • Directions – finding the best route between chosen locations
  • Distance Matrix – provides the distance between locations and travel time
  • Roads – identifies roads and provides information about them


Google Places provides detailed information about a particular place on the map, such as location names, addresses, ratings, reviews, contact information, and descriptions.


  • Place Details
  • Autocomplete – predictive text function; starts searching for the place you’re looking for as soon as you start typing
  • Time Zone
  • Current Place – identifies actual location of the user
  • Geocoding – converts addresses into geographic coordinates
  • Find Place – user searches by the name, address, or phone number
  • Geolocation – returns a location and accuracy radius based on information about cell towers and WiFi nodes

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