Google Maps API FAQ

What is the difference between free and paid version of Google Maps API?

Google Maps API is a free service which lets you to embed Google Maps in your freely accessible webpages or mobile apps, and is typically used for testing, development and in non-commercial applications. This means that your service must be freely and publicly accessible to end users. Moreover free license has limited access to map loads and WebServices.

The Google Maps API for Work provides enhanced features and support for organizations which use maps in their fee-based websites, mobile apps, internal websites or asset-tracking applications. Business version assures higher limits for map loads and WebServices.

What is the difference between public and internal usage of Google Maps?

Google Map is used publicly when it is embed on a website or application with open access. Internal usage means using Google Maps in own applications (CRM, SFA), internal websites (intranet) and every commercial issues, eg.: reports, offers.

When should I use Google Maps API for Work?

Usage of Google Maps API for Work is compulsory when you are using Google Maps in internal enterprise applications or for asset tracking. Moreover, business version is required, if access to your application is payable (in SaaS model for example).
Using paid Google Maps is advisable when limits for WebServices (Geocoding API, Direction API, Distance Matrix, Elevation, Road API) are insufficient, or your customer requires continuous access to website or application. Google Maps API for Work has 99,9% SLA.

Can I purchase only geocoding or routing services from Google?

No. You can purch upgrafes for WebService only with Google Maps API for Work. Moreover, Connecting WebServices with other map platform than Google Maps is also forbidden.

Can I store data from Google WebServices?

Google does NOT allow to store data from Google WebServices permanently (including Geocoding data, maps and static maps). Caching is allowed for 30 days maximum.

What services are included in WebServices?

The following services are included:

  • Geocoding API
  • Directions API
  • Distance Matrix API
  • Road API
  • Elevations API
  • The Time Zone API

What type of license should I user for mobile applications?

Native mobile application requires Google Maps Mobile SDK, which provides enhanced functionalities for Android API and iOS systems.

What determines the price of Google Maps API for Work?

Price of the Google Maps API for Work depends on type of license, settled according to different parameters. Determining the price of licenses requires such elements as: number of users, number of page views or number of tracked assets on the map.

Can I display ads on Google Maps?

Yes. Google Maps API for Work license enables full control over ads.