Can I use Google Maps Platform for free?

Yes, you can use Google Maps Platform for free in certain situations. Google provides a recurring $200 monthly credit for each billing account, which can cover some or all of your usage depending on the number of requests to Maps services. To activate your Google Maps Platform account, you need to provide billing information such as a credit or debit card, or use a sub-account created by a certified Google Partner. If your monthly usage stays within the $200 credit limit, you won’t be charged. Additionally, Google offers extra support for non-profit organizations and start-ups. For detailed information on fees, please refer to the Google pricing table.

How do I start using the free 200$ credit?

The free $200 monthly credit is automatically added to every Google Maps Platform billing account. It can be used to cover any Google Maps Platform services within a month. To get started, register and provide your billing information, such as a credit or debit card, or use a sub-account created by a certified Google Partner. Note that unused credits do not roll over to the next month.

How can I estimate my monthly Google Maps usage?

Your monthly fees depend on various factors, including the number of requests to Maps services, the types of services used (basic or advanced), and the optimization level of your solution. Google’s pricing table provides detailed information on service fees. As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, we can help you estimate your projected Google Maps Platform usage costs, suggest ways to optimize your services, and potentially lower your expenses. We also offer volume pricing discounts for high usage of specific APIs.

Is it necessary to use a credit card to activate my Google Maps Platform account?

Yes, you need to provide billing information and set up a payment method to use Google products. You can do this in two ways:

  • By yourself: Add your credit card to your Google Maps Platform account for automatic payments.
  • With our help: We can handle settlements with Google and provide you with invoices in PLN or other currencies.

What do I gain by working with a Google Partner?

  • Volume pricing discounts for specific APIs when request numbers exceed certain thresholds.
  • Invoice payments in PLN or other currencies with flexible payment dates, without needing to add a credit or debit card to your account.
  • Technical support from Globema.
  • Useful tips for optimizing your API service usage.

All these benefits come at the same or lower cost compared to registering on your own, with no extra fees involved.

Is working with a Google Partner related to extra costs?

No, there are no extra fees for settling your API usage through a Google Partner. You gain additional benefits such as help with API usage optimization, technical support, volume pricing, invoices in your local currency, and extended payment periods, all at no extra cost compared to using a credit card.

What is volume pricing?

Volume pricing offers discounts for using specific APIs when request numbers exceed certain thresholds. The first volume threshold starts at 500,001+ requests. This pricing is only accessible through a Google Partner.

How can I eliminate blacked-out maps and the “for development purposes only” error?

Evaluate the following reasons for these issues:

  • Lack of an API key.
  • Lack of a defined or activated billing account (e.g., expired credit card).
  • Your maps project isn’t associated with an active billing account.
  • Exceeding your daily API request limit.
  • API key limits.

Which map services do I need?

The choice of map services depends on your specific requirements. Below are some basic capabilities of Google Maps APIs:

Google FAQ

Can I control my spendings on Google Maps services?

Yes, you can manage your Google Maps Platform spending effectively:

  • You can monitor your spending related to used services within Google Maps Platform.
  • To avoid unexpected charges, define a budget for your Google Maps expenditures. Setting a budget does not block API access but notifies you if your spending exceeds the defined thresholds. Configure alerts based on percentage thresholds for your budget.