Project Background

One of the largest Czech tourist search engines, NaCesty, is renowned for its comprehensive holiday offerings tailored for both winter and summer seasons. Seeking to elevate its services and differentiate itself in a crowded market, the company has strategically embraced Google Maps to redefine the way travelers plan and enjoy their vacations.


Industry: Tourism
Country: Czechia
Solution / Service: Google Maps Platform, a premier travel platform renowned for its extensive selection of tours, accommodations, and airline tickets, specializes in curating unforgettable experiences for Czech travelers. Facilitating tours from German travel agencies to Czech clientele, has been leveraging the capabilities of Google Maps since 2015, marking the inception of their collaboration with Globema.


Planning a trip involves meticulous planning across multiple dimensions. While selecting a destination, factors such as departure dates and locations take precedence, often overshadowing the consideration of travel logistics upon arrival.

NaCesty is committed to surpassing industry standards. Therefore, the company embarked on a mission to address the challenge of navigating the complexities and time constraints associated with reaching airports. This is particularly important when airports are situated in remote or less accessible destinations. aimed to leverage a robust map platform capable of seamlessly identifying and presenting optimal departure airports to streamline the travel planning process.


In response to the challenge, NaCesty revolutionized its website by integrating a feature enabling users to effortlessly search and visualize the closest departure points utilizing address data, all powered by Google Maps.

Boasting global coverage, dynamic real-time data, and an intuitive interface beloved by users worldwide, Google Maps emerged as the ideal choice for NaCesty. Furthermore, its seamless integration capabilities streamlined the implementation process.

Why Google Maps?

Google Maps emerged as the unequivocal choice for NaCesty, driven by its unparalleled accessibility and widespread popularity among users worldwide. Leveraging the robust suite of Google Maps APIs, NaCesty gained comprehensive access to Google’s expansive database, boasting over 100 million properties globally. Tailoring the platform to the specific needs of NaCesty’s user base, the focus remained on showcasing relevant information, particularly airports, thus enhancing the overall user experience.

The implementation of Google Maps services yielded significant benefits for NaCesty, manifesting in an exponential increase in user engagement and customer base, coupled with a reduction in customer support costs. Key features and functionalities enabled by Google Maps include:

  • Dynamic identification of nearest departure airports based on user location, facilitated by the Distance Matrix API service.
  • Interactive selection of departure airports directly from the map interface, fostering a seamless and intuitive user journey.
  • Comprehensive display of all hotels within the selected destination on an interactive map.
  • Flexible filtering options for hotels, empowering users to refine search results based on specific parameters tailored to their preferences.
  • Immersive aerial imagery providing a panoramic view of hotel locations and their surroundings, offering users a glimpse into the destination from the comfort of their homes.

NaCesty’s innovative approach extends to utilizing postal codes to precisely calculate the distance and estimated travel time to nearby airports. The company also leverages a database of flight durations categorized into direct and transfer connections. With this wealth of data at their disposal, the platform dynamically suggests airports located within a manageable travel radius, typically not exceeding a 2.5-hour car journey from the traveler’s home or place of accommodation. Furthermore, NaCesty ensures that flight durations align with user preferences. This unique feature sets NaCesty apart from conventional search engines.

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The integration of Google Maps increased the number of customers opting for NaCesty’s services. The platform has witnessed a significant surge in user adoption, with 25% of website visitors embracing the travel connections recommended by the site. This shift towards utilizing online recommendations has led to a substantial reduction in the workload of the company’s telephone consultants.

By leveraging Google Maps, NaCesty has not only optimized travel organization but also heightened customer satisfaction levels by providing seamless and user-friendly solutions for trip planning and navigation.

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Using Google Maps, we’ve crafted a website that simplifies the process of selecting optimal vacation destinations and accommodations for our customers. Additionally, we’ve streamlined the task of choosing the most convenient departure airports. Our mission is to alleviate the stress often associated with booking vacation travel, and with Google Maps, we’ve succeeded in transforming it into a seamless and enjoyable experience.
— Václav Uher, Co-founder and Managing Director,