Google Maps implementation for visualizing high-speed Internet coverage

Case Study Fiber Network Services


Fiber Network Services (FNS) is a Czech company providing Internet access, voice, and IPTV services. It offers its customers the possibility of a reliable connection to a modern optical network. Find out how Google Maps supported the company in the „Accelerating city of Přeštice“ project.


logo fiber network
Industry: Telecommunication
Country: Czechia
Solution / Service: Google Maps Platform
Fiber Network Services is a technology leader in providing Internet access. The company uses state-of-the-art optical networks, thus creating not only a secure but also a highly stable network, connecting homes and businesses. They operate in the Czech Republic and strive to speed up the Internet in specific regions, mainly cities and their neighborhoods.


FNS was looking for a tool to visualize high-speed coverage in the city. With such visualization, customers could easily find out the range of services offered for their address (marked on the map).

FNS network parameters

22 km

optical network length

up to 1 Gbps

connection capacity


Globema ensured the delivery of a complete solution for network data visualization, including data preparation.
FNS chose the Google Maps Platform because of the API services offered and the easy implementation into websites. The highest priority was given to the Autocomplete function – for suggestion and address filling.


Main advantages of using the Google Maps solution in the FNS project

Quickly finding valid addresses in the city of Přeštice thanks to Places Autocomplete

Finding information faster on a clear, stylized map

Possibility to present network data sourced from the network inventory system (in GeoJSON format) on the map

Convenient representation of link speed information at given points on the map


With Google Maps Platform, FNS customers can search for their addresses and find out the connection options and connection capacity. They can download this information as a GeoJSON file. Then, customers can order a connection for their household via a contact form.

Our final project looks very professional, thanks to Google Maps, and sets us apart from the competitors. We are planning to use Google Maps for other projects in other cities. I rate the cooperation with Globema as excellent. I have not met such a company in a long time.
— František Čihák, Fiber Network Services