Assistance services anytime anywhere thanks to the Google Maps Platform

Case Study Europ Assistance


Europ Assistance is one of the largest companies providing assistance insurance services in the world. They offer car insurance throughout Europe, including digital roadside assistance and mobile assistance applications. Moreover, the company offers medical, travel, personal and home assistance. Europ Assistance customers have convenient access to services thanks to the mobile application. The company has been using Google Maps since 2012, and since 2015 it has been cooperating with Globema, a Google Cloud Premier Partner.


Industry: Assistance
Country: Czechia
Solution / Service: Google Maps Platform
The Europ Assistance company was established in 1963 in France. It operates in over 200 countries and has over 750,000 partners and 40 operation centers. In 2001, a Europ Assistance branch was opened in Prague. It provides services in the Czech and Slovak markets. 


The basis of trust between the company and the customer is reliability and timely delivery of services. To fulfill this vision, it is necessary to have accurate information about the location of the customer seeking help and the location of the closest assistance vehicle or assistance center and to estimate the arrival time to the client’s position. Before Geolink, Europ Assistance’s application based on Google Maps services was introduced, it was very difficult for the company to locate a client. This meant that it took much more time to reach the place of the incident and provide the necessary help.


million customers worldwide


million incoming calls handled


million interventions per year


An application for an assistance company should have current geolocation data. It should also be simple, effective, and generally available. That’s why, when selecting a map service provider to use in their application, Europ Assistance opted for the Google Maps Platform – the most innovative map platform in the world, offering worldwide coverage and easy implementation of API services on websites and in applications.

The main features of the GeoLink application are:

  • Fast customer localization.
  • Towing services monitoring system, VGSD Core, developed by Europ Assistance. Operators see the location of the nearest free towing vehicle in the system. Tracking tow and service vehicles reduces travel times and lowers costs.
  • Dynamic Maps, used to display the current location of the towing services and the customer in need of assistance.
  • Distance Matrix and traffic condition monitoring – main mapping functionalities that allow you to calculate the distance to the customer in need of towing and the time of arrival to the site.


Europ Assistance introduces automation and computerization of many of its services. The effects of implementing the Geolink application using GMP turned out to be a success, so the company decided to use Google Maps also in their DRSA application (used to locate incidents) and in the DRSU application, a fully digital tool for customers. Thanks to DRSU, users can order roadside assistance and towing quickly and easily.

We have been using Google Maps since 2012 as part of one of our core systems for locating the clients and then for organizing the assistance cases. Over time, we started using them in other systems and additional applications. The existing solution really suits us. We currently use Google Map primarily for car assistance. However, we plan to extend it to other areas of assistance, such as home and health assistance.
— Ondřej Nykodem, IT Supervisor in Europ Assistance