Google Maps – a tool to fight COVID-19

Centrum e-Zdrowia Case Study

About Centrum e-Zdrowia

Centrum e-Zdrowia (e-Health Center) is a state budget unit. The main area of CeZ’s activity is executing activities that would allow to build the information society in the area of healthcare. The analyses carried out by the center also support the management decisions of the health minister.


Centrum e-Zdrowia logo
Industry: Government / Healthcare 
Primary project location: Poland
Solution/Service: Google Maps Platform
Centrum e-Zdrowia was established on August 1, 2000. It helps in making management decisions of the minister of health on the basis of conducted analyzes. CeZ is also responsible for monitoring planned, built and maintained ICT systems at the central and regional level.

The challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a need to share information about efforts to combat the rapidly spreading disease.

The primary goal of Centrum e-Zdrowia when the COVID-19 pandemic first began was to provide residents of Poland with reliable information that would help them fight the coronavirus. One of the activities that were to lead to this goal was the creation of a service that would present, in a clear way, all the information about the location of the test points – places where residents could take a coronavirus test.

The solution

To accomplish the task of creating a map of all mobile test points in every town in Poland, Centrum e-Zdrowia decided to take advantage of Google Maps Platform, which provides the most up to date and accurate information about localization. Google Maps platform is also a very popular application, boasting a very well designed, intuitive interface, which made using the service and reaching the testing points by the citizens even easier. 647 of such testing points across Poland were marked on the map.

647 of such testing points across Poland were marked on the map:

The results

Sharing intuitive Google Maps has made it easier to find places where they could undergo tests for detecting the coronavirus infection. The solution improved the flow and transmission of crucial information and thus helps in fighting the spread of the virus and gave the general population the impression that in dire times, they can count on up to date information on how to take care of their health.