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Tourist Organization of the Republic of Srpska

Google Maps at the Tourist Organization of the Republic of Srpska

Learn how Google Maps helped the Tourist Organization of the Republic of Srpska promote the attractions of Republika Srpska.

Google Maps Platform  |  Public Organization |  Republic of Srpska

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Česká Obec Sokolská (Sokol)

Google Maps helps Česká Obec Sokolská (Sokol) promote non-competitive sports for all generations

Find out how the Google Maps Platform supports a Czech non-profit organization, Sokol, in popularizing sports for people of all ages.

Google Maps Platform NGO  Czechia

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GPS monitoring based on Google Maps data – QADRA PLUS case study

Learn how Slovakian company QADRA PLUS developed its GPS/GPRS monitoring system for cars and trucks using Google Maps.

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Where to refuel CNG? innogy will direct you thanks to Google Maps API

Innogy is the Czech leader among natural gas suppliers for households and businesses. The company uses Google Maps services that allow them can support their CNG customers with first-class service.

Google Maps Platform  |  Energy industry  |  Czechia

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Bolt (Taxify)

Bolt grows with Google Maps

Taxify (now Bolt), a ride-hailing platform founded in 2013, connects drivers and passengers with a mobile app based on Google Maps.

Google Maps Platform Transport industry  |  Estonia

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Centrum e-Zdrowia

Google Maps – a tool to fight COVID-19

Centrum e-Zdrowia plays a special role during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to the solution proposed by Globema, CeZ can easily and legibly present important information on a Google Map.

Google Maps Platform  Government / Healthcare  Poland

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Fiber Network Services

Google Maps implementation for visualizing high-speed Internet coverage

Find out how Google Maps supported the company in the „Accelerating city of Přeštice“ project.

Google Maps Platform  Telecommunication  |  Czechia

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Europ Assistance

Europ Assistance: Assistance services anytime anywhere thanks to the Google Maps Platform

A useful application for assistance service companies needs to have up-to-date geolocation data and be simple, efficient, and accessible. This is why Europ Assistance chose Google Maps Platform.

Google Maps Platform Insurance industry  Czechia

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Expressoft Technology

Expressoft Technology use Google Maps for order delivery

Expressoft provide IT solutions for restaurants, hotels, beauty salons, and retail. Learn how they improved their business using Google Maps.

Google Maps Platform  |  IT industry  |  Romania

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Fast and reliable food delivery? With and Google Maps it’s possible!

An online grocery store,, is the largest food delivery player in Czechia. Google Maps helps them deliver quality food at a guaranteed short time.

Google Maps Platform E-grocery industry  |  Czechia

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Navigating Your Dream Holiday: NaCesty Enhances Travel Experience with Google Maps!

NaCesty, a leading Czech travel agency, embarks on a journey to enhance customer experiences and set new standards in the industry by leveraging the power of Google Maps.

Google Maps Platform  |  Travel industry  |  Czechia

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