Do you own many locations and have a hard time keeping their profiles and information on the Internet up-to-date? Do you struggle with managing customer reviews and data about your physical stores that appear online? Use Business Location Services, a tool for integrated management of location data in Google Business Profile.

Maintaining all location profiles through a single tool ensures the validity and consistency of your company data on Google Search and Google Maps. Up-to-date information will help the customers easily find your location and reach it during its opening hours.


  • Information about your physical branches in Google, such as opening hours or phone number, happens to be incomplete or inaccurate
  • You spend your valuable time managing your company profiles on Google Business Profile
  • Your physical store locations aren’t precisely situated on Maps
  • Managing your Google Business Profile can be complicated and tedious
  • You care about good customer relations and want to regularly answer their reviews
  • You care about ranking high on Google Search and Google Maps
  • You’d like to attract more customers to your physical location

…it means that Business Location Services will bring many benefits to your company! If you want to save time and gain more potential customers, contact us and see how online visibility can improve your business.

Profiles with accurate, up-to-date information…*


more likely to be considered trustworthy


more successfully encourage potential customers to visit physical locations


more often lead to a purchase


more clicks than incomplete profiles

Managing Google Business Profile on your own can be time-consuming and complicated. It also requires you to quickly react to any changes in your location data. Additionally, as an independent user, you aren’t able to:

  • Search for and correct duplicated entries
  • Claim existing places that have been already claimed by another user
  • Analyze data about customer activity on your profiles
  • Set constant, automated updates
  • Read and answer all reviews in one place
  • Keep User edits from being published

What do you get with Business Location Services?


More customers

Improved data attract more customers to your locations

Thanks to optimized entry management, your company information in Google will be always correct and up-to-date. Customers will find your entries faster than your competition entries and will be smoothly directed to your location during opening hours. They will also easily find your phone number to contact you. All this will improve their satisfaction and loyalty to your brand. Efficient location data management will also significantly reinforce your omnichannel operations.


Better visibility in Google Search and Maps

Well-maintained data improve your Google ranking

  • Up-to-date information consistent with your website
  • High-quality, recent photos
  • Many active reviewers
  • Correct categorization
  • Regular reactions to user suggestions

All of the above significantly improve your position in Google. Your profile will appear higher in ranking and you will gain better visibility on the Internet.


Automatic updates

Constant updates instead of irregular data import

We offer a data synchronization service – we download the data from API shared by a customer. We send the data from your systems directly to Google using our location service platform and an API. This way, your data are always up-to-date and you don’t have to send them manually – you only maintain the data in your systems. Our experts take care of the quality of your location data in Google, compliance with Google’s Terms of Service, data cleaning and updating, as well as improving the data for achieving a higher ranking position.

location experts

Experienced location experts

You don’t need to manage Google Business Profile all by yourself

You can use our knowledge, commitment, and partnership with Google. The business Location Services tool is created for companies with many different locations – our experts manage tens of thousands of locations across industries around the world. We learned all the tricks, from creating the first entry to categorization and taking over other entries in Google.

Convenient panel for managing customer reviews

Your team will easily answer all ratings and reviews in one place

Your customer reviews are valuable feedback and answering them is an opportunity to improve customer relationships. Every month, thousands of customer reviews get posted on the Internet and the number keeps on growing. Our review panel presents data from all of your locations. It allows your team to answer customer ratings directly in the panel. Reviews can be filtered based on different criteria and downloaded for analysis.

No more false entries and duplicates

We delete false and duplicated entries that weaken your ranking position and SEO

Your locations will be corrected and updated in Google Maps. Outdated, incorrect, or duplicated Google entries will be tracked and deleted on an ongoing basis by our location experts. Customers will always find entries with up-to-date, accurate information about your places.

Why it’s worth it to work with us?

  • We are Google Cloud Premier Partner and the only Google Maps Premier Partner in Poland.
  • We sell Google Maps Platform products and provide effective solutions based on Google Maps.
  • We have Location-Based Services Specialization from Google – proof of our technical proficiency.
  • We implement innovative SaaS model services based on Google Cloud technology.
  • As an R&D Center, we create original solutions with machine learning, artificial intelligence, and speech recognition.
  • Our team consists of Google Maps Platform and Google Cloud specialists holding certifications such as Professional Cloud Architect Certification, Professional Cloud Security Engineer, and Maps Technical Fundamentals Credential.

We provide Business Location Services in collaboration with its makers, g-Xperts

  • Inventor of Business Location Services, Winner of Google Location Innovation Challenge
  • Experience Location Experts, dedicated Google My Business team
  • Google Cloud Premier Partner
  • Google Maps Premier Partner & Google My Business Featured Partner
  • Location Services Customers in EMEA and LATAM

What’s the plan?

1. Contact us to learn about our skills and experience. We’ll get to know your needs and requirements

2. You’ll provide your location dataset so that we can review the data, verify the addresses and other information as well as conduct basic updates

3. In this step, you will enrich your data with photos, labels, and attributes. We’ll clean your Google Maps data, correct false entries, and delete duplicates. We’ll also launch automatic, regular updates

4. Finally, you’ll only maintain your internal data while we’ll maintain your data in Google

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