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Google introduces new environment APIs: the Air Quality API

By October 6, 2023Blog, Google Maps

Air pollution poses a significant health risk, as stated by the World Health Organization. With climate change and increasing wildfires worldwide, air quality is expected to deteriorate further. We’re thrilled to report that Google announced the launch of the Air Quality API, part of Google Maps Platform’s new suite of environment APIs.

What’s the Air Quality API?

The new Air Quality API offers access to reliable air quality data, visualization through heatmaps, and detailed pollutant information.

It empowers individuals to avoid pollution and helps businesses boost user engagement, brand loyalty, and revenue by offering air quality as a premium feature.

How does it work?

Tracking air quality can be challenging due to delays and limited station coverage. The Air Quality API combines data from various sources, including government stations, sensors, models, and meteorological data, ensuring data availability even when one source is unavailable. Google validates and organizes terabytes of data hourly, providing precise, location-specific air quality information. This allows businesses to guide health-related decisions, even for hyperlocal queries like park choices, commuting, or asthma management.

Empowering users with actionable air quality information

The API offers current and historical air quality data for nearly half a billion locations globally, spanning 100 countries with 500-meter resolution. API provides a universal air quality index for global comparisons and over 70 local indexes for familiarity or cross-location comparisons.

Use the Air Quality API to empower your website or app users to make informed decisions regarding:

  • Outdoor activities,
  • Routes and forms of transportation,
  • Using air purifiers,
  • Taking health precautions.

Key features

Hourly history

Provide a full 30 days of hourly air quality information for specific locations, including pollutant data and health recommendations.


Air quality indexes

Choose from over 70 local indexes or use the universal index for air quality comparisons around the world. Information is updated in the real time.

Pollutant information

Share detailed information about different pollutants, including the dominant pollutant, concentrations, souces, and health effects.


Health recommendations

Offer recommendations that reduce exposure to air pollutants, both for the general public and specific groups, such as the elderly, athletes, asthma patients, and more.

Heat maps

Create colorful visualizations on maps on your website or app using air quality indexes and pollutant image tiles.


Air quality data enhances user experience

The Air Quality API enhances user experiences by providing key insights and dynamic visualizations, making air quality information more accessible. It’s particularly useful in industries such as:

Smart Home services
Environment management
Transport and Automotive

The Air Quality API supports various use cases, from building brand loyalty to promoting informed communities. It has the potential to transform lives by integrating air quality data into different business models.

To begin, visit Google’s Air Quality webpage and documentation. We also encourage you to contact our Google experts to talk about your business needs!