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Google released the general availability version of Address Validation API

By December 2, 2022Blog, Google Maps, retail

Address data are crucial and since we use them practically every day, it may seem like it’s easy to get them right. But in reality, misspellings and typos in addresses can be difficult to notice. If not corrected, such mistakes can lead to poor user experiences, failed deliveries, and costly customer support processes.¬†

Google decided to improve user experiences in companies that use customer address data (e.g. for delivering orders or transporting passengers). The company presents Address Validation API that eliminates mistakes in addresses that users provide when signing up or ordering items on websites and in applications. The new API helps companies save time and resources by mitigating the negative influence that wrong addresses have on business operations.

How does Address Validation work?

Address Validation identifies missing or unconfirmed address elements so that developers of websites and applications can detect inaccurate addresses. The API uses data from Google Maps Platform and information about localized address formats. It standardizes the input address data – corrects typos, completes street names, and formats addresses according to the local patterns.

Try out the demo prepared by Google and see how the new API responds to wrong addresses.

What are the benefits of Address Validation?

Address Validation can be beneficial in different use cases across industries. Here are some examples:

Retail and e-commerce

Retail and e-commerce companies can help their clients by facilitating sign-up and check-out processes. Address Validation offers a simple way for users to correct their addresses. This reduces failed or mistaken deliveries as well as canceled orders and chargebacks.

Transport and logistics

Transport and logistics companies can leverage Address Validation to ensure that packages always reach the right destinations. Drivers save time and are able to better plan the fastest route and most convenient parking spot.

Financial services

Companies providing financial services can use proof of address to verify a customer’s address and therefore authenticate new account holders and detect fraudulent sign-ups.

We encourage you to implement Address Validation API on your website or application! You can learn more about this service by checking out Google’s website, demo, and tutorials. And in case you have questions, feel free to contact us ?