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New integrations across Google products that improve user experience

By August 20, 2022Uncategorized

Google is famous for regularly introducing improvements to its products. They allow users to implement APIs for maps in an increasingly easy, convenient way. We are glad to let you know that the company has released new features and integrations across its products. Google Maps Platform developers at both small and large companies can use them to improve the back-end operations as well as user experience on business websites and apps.

Tailored Recommendations simplify launching Google Maps Platform at your business

The first new feature is for those who are only about to introduce Google Maps Platform to their business. Google now presents recommendations that suggest the best settings for your profile throughout the process of implementing GMP. For example, if you define your business industry as retail, Cloud Console will suggest relevant examples and instructions to get you started. This will help you to identify products and solutions best suited for your industry.

Locator Plus automatically updates your location profiles

Store owners and service providers know how important it is for the customer to locate their businesses easily. With the Locator Plus solution, you can import business details from your Business Profile on Google and improve the user experience of those who search for info about your company: opening hours, contact information, photos, services, etc.

Every change in the business details of your Business Profile will be reflected in the store locator on your website or app. Thanks to the automatic updates, you don’t need to remember about manually updating your store locator and you make sure that customers always find correct data about your places.

Implement quick and convenient appointment booking

Adding the Reserve with Google solution to your map will help your customers easily book a visit or service at your location. This option may help them choose your company over the competition. Additionally, the solution offers insights into your services and their availability.

Add Locator Plus to your website or app instantly through Google Cloud

Locator Plus can be now easily embedded into your website or app and automatically updated through Google Cloud. In the past, the solution needed to be implemented by a developer and required writing hundreds of lines of code.

Analytic capabilities allow for a better understanding of your operations in the Google Maps area

The newly introduced store locator analytics dashboard can help you better understand your data and the impact of Google solutions on your business. The dashboard provides insights into how well your site visitors are engaging with your store locator. You can measure the performance over the weeks and include metrics such as number of views, number of interactions with Search and Place Details, and overall engagement rate. Thanks to the analytics, you can also evaluate the ROI from each solution you implemented on your website.

These are all the recent improvements from Google – join our newsletter to not miss any news about future updates! And if your company doesn’t have a store locator yet, try it out now. Our Google experts will be happy to assist you in case you have any questions or doubts during the implementation.