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Google announces Quick Builder, a tool helping to build location-based solutions

By March 16, 2022Blog, Google Maps, retail

For years, the Google Maps Platform team has been supporting customers in driving success by building custom location-based solutions from scratch. This approach allowed them to deeply customize solutions. However, Google acknowledged that not all of the customers have the resources to complete such implementations. The company wants to give its users equal opportunities to create useful solutions, regardless of their budget or expertise. This is why Google introduces Quick Builder, a new tool based on the low-code software development approach. It minimizes the amount of code needed to write from scratch, therefore it doesn’t require advanced programming skills. Low-code tools transform code into an intuitive interface that’s easy to use by anyone, even users who don’t know how to code.

Google presents Quick Builder

Quick Builder is an intuitive tool to discover and implement APIs related to maps. Regardless of your technical skills and experience, Quick Builder can help grow your business and deploy to production faster, with less time spent on learning and testing.


Demo of the Address Selection solution in Quick Builder

In the Google Maps Platform section of the Google Cloud console, you can find a library of low-code templates for you to try out. To start, Google created Quick Builder version of three popular location-based solutions:

Locator Plus – attract more customers to your locations

This solution helps users to easily find your physical locations on a map. Thanks to Locator Plus, you can conveniently add key information (such as opening hours, available services, customer reviews, or photos) about every place. This is a useful feature regardless of your locations – whether you have, for example, a chain of stores or ATMs that are hard to spot. Locator Plus helps customers find your nearest location.

Address Selection – speeds up checkout and increases conversion

When users have to manually fill out the order form, they often make mistakes that lead to lowered conversions, poor customer satisfaction, undeliverable packages, or failed credit card charges. Address Selection is powered by Google’s Place Autocomplete API and helps customers easily register at your website. It also simplifies and speeds up checkout by instantly suggesting accurate, well-formatted addresses with just a few keystrokes.

Neighborhood Discovery – enriches your maps with useful insights

Real estate and travel agency customers often want to know what’s nearby a house or a hotel they’re interested in – what’s the distance to schools, restaurants, sports venues, or cafes? Neighborhood Discovery allows you to create a dynamic, personalized map with local attractions and amenities that you recommend to your users.

This is just the beginning, as Google is already planning to help users benefit even more from Google Maps Platform. We will keep you updated about new solution templates added to the Quick Builder library!

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