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Globema awarded again with the Location-Based Services Specialization as a Google Cloud Partner

By February 4, 2022February 8th, 2022Blog, Google Maps, Uncategorized

Location-Based Services Specialization is a part of a Google Cloud Partner program. Google maintains a strict process for Partners to obtain a Specialization. This way, the company helps Google Cloud customers to identify the most competent Partners. Therefore, customers should only consider Partners holding official Google Specializations while seeking help to implement a wide range of Google Cloud products. This ensures that the chosen Partner has adequate experience and actively develops their skills in the given field. Globema first received Location-Based Services Specialization at the beginning of 2020. As Google cares about the highest service quality, their Partners (such as Globema) are required to constantly prove their abilities. To keep our Specialization for 3 more years, we had to meet a bunch of conditions – we are sharing them in this article!

Location-Based Services Specialization in the Google Cloud Partner program

Globema is a Google Cloud Partner for many years now, therefore we want to keep on improving our skills. Getting a Specialization in the Google Partner program (“Google Cloud Partner Advantage”) is a part of that. Specialization is the highest technical recognition for Google Partners.

A Partner that achieved a Specialization needs to prove their experience in Google Maps and Cloud services. Relevant technical skills are verified by Google and an external assessment company.

Location-Based Services Specialization is given only to the certified Partners that successfully build and provide location-based services – just like us ?


What were the requirements we had to meet to extend our Specialization?

Applications using Google Maps and Cloud technologies

The first requirement for achieving Location-Based Services Specialization is creating and managing efficient applications based on Google Maps Platform and Google Cloud Platform, both in the web and mobile environments. Google also evaluated the maturity of our software development processes. We proved it with our products that use Google technologies:

  • GeoTask Planner – API cloud service that helps plan optimal task and route schedules.
  • GeoTask Planner Portal – service for an automated task and route planning that can be accessed from a browser. It’s very easy to use: you just load an excel file with information about tasks and employees and GeoTask Planner Portal automatically plans routes and distributes tasks among your fieldwork employees.
  • GeoTask – system for managing fieldwork that optimizes task distribution and schedule and monitors fieldwork progress in real-time.
  • GeoTraxx – application for planning optimal routes tailored to different business models. GeoTraxx significantly reduces transportation costs.

Customer success

Another condition we had to meet was presenting our customer success stories. They prove that using map and cloud services can bring significant benefits regardless of the industry or business size. We encourage you to see our case studies page. Below we present some of our Google Maps implementations:

Documented skills of Globema’s experts

The next requirement to extend Specialization is having a team with adequate knowledge and qualifications proven by Google Maps and Google Cloud certificates.

Additionally, we had to go through an assessment program led by an external company hired by Google. Globema is therefore a Google Partner that achieves success in building applications using the best functionalities of Google Maps and Cloud Platform.


Additional confirmation of our Specialization – award from Google

Research leaves no doubt that using geospatial data and location intelligence is key to improving business processes in nearly every industry. Throughout almost 10 years of our partnership with Google we witnessed how solutions based on Google Maps allow our customers to optimize complex operations and solve their company problems regardless of their business type.

Bartosz LechHead of Location-Based Services Department at Globema

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If you’re wondering how using geospatial data and Google Cloud services could improve your company operations, get in touch with us! We also recommend learning about the benefits of collaborating with a Google Partner.