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Expressoft Technology use Google Maps for order delivery

By December 30, 2021February 2nd, 2022Blog, Google Maps
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Expressoft is one of our customers from Romania. They provide IT solutions for restaurants, hotels, beauty salons, and retail. Learn how Expressoft improved their business using Google Maps.

Expressoft develops and delivers innovative software solutions and the highest quality services for large and medium-sized companies. It has become their preferred technology company. Expressoft accomplishes this by offering customers the main components of their business: POS, eCommerce, PMS, order management, inventory and control systems, CRM, ERP, and reporting tools. Additionally, the company provides the latest hardware and all of the mentioned parts make up a qualitative and integrated solution.

The Challenge

The main challenge was to create efficient delivery management with increased customer satisfaction. It had to be an integrated application with a software suite for taking over, managing, delivering, and collecting orders. It also needed to ensure increased customer loyalty.

The Solution

To address the challenge, the company chose Google Maps. The resulting software solution integrates with all the necessary tools. As a result, the entire delivery process is fast and the staff is organized in a more efficient way, helping to build a pleasant experience for customers.


Main benefits of using Google Maps solution

Efficient delivery times and routes

Streamlining the flow of information transmission

Increasing customer satisfaction

Optimizing costs and increasing the business profitability

The Google Maps integration allows the application to correctly estimate the preparation and delivery times of the order. Delivery addresses are identified directly on the map.


distances measured with Distance Matrix API


correctly identified addresses with Geocoding API


routes created with Directions API
For Expressoft, partnership with Globema is defined by mutual support. This partnership has always provided us with the support, promptness, and flexibility necessary to solve the encountered challenges. We stand by our customers as a strategic partner and this responsibility means we must secure qualitative and trust-based collaborations, as we already have with Globema.
— Dragos Georgescu, Head of Enterprise Solutions, Expressoft Technology