Globema with the Google Cloud Partner Expertise!

By June 18, 2021Blog

We proudly announce that Globema received Partner Expertise, yet another Google Cloud recognition. Learn about this recognition, its requirements, and what it means for your business!

About Partner Expertise

Partner Expertise is proof of our skills in building the Google Maps Platform solutions. This recognition also proves our experience in providing services to different industries.

Partner Expertise is a part of the “Differentiation Journey” designed by Google for partners that keep on growing to provide the highest quality of services. The first steps of the Journey include

  • obtaining Google Maps/Cloud Platform certificates
  • creating case studies about customer success stories

The Journey ends with a distinguished specialization. Globema has a Location-Based Services Specialization. Such specialization is granted to the Google partners that create and manage applications based on Google Maps Platform and Google Cloud Platform both in the web, as well as mobile environments.


How did we become experts?

To receive Partner Expertise we had to fulfill two requirements. The first was to have at least two Google certificates. This was very straightforward as so far, we received 45(!) certificates in the area of Google Maps sales and architecture as well as creating Google Cloud Platform solutions and maintaining their safety. The second condition was to provide at least one case study verified by Google. So far, we wrote five success stories of our customers in the field of Google services.

  1. Where to refuel CNG? innogy will advise you thanks to Google Maps API
  2. Google Maps implementation for visualizing high-speed Internet coverage
  3. Europ Assistance: Assistance services anytime anywhere thanks to the Google Maps Platform
  4. Fast and reliable food delivery? With and Google Maps it’s possible!
  5. Choosing your dream holiday? With NaCesty (and Google Maps) it’s easy!
case studies

Considering our achievements, Google granted us the Partner Expertise and recognized us as experts in the field of:


Energy & Utilities


Financial Services


Retail  & Wholesale


Small & Medium Business


Supply Chain & Logistics

Use our experience

For our customers, Google Cloud Partner Expertise is one more proof of Globema’s industry knowledge. You can be sure that we’ll take care of all the aspects of your business with due understanding. Contact us to talk about using Google Cloud or Google Maps at your enterprise!