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Warsaw is becoming a new Google Cloud Region!

By April 13, 2021Blog

On the 14th of April, a new Google Cloud Region will open up in Warsaw. The capital of Poland becomes the 9th location of Google data processing in Europe. The new region will serve customers from Poland, as well as other countries in Central and Eastern Europe. What are the benefits of the new Google Cloud Region in Poland? How can you join the official opening of the Warsaw Region?

What are the benefits of the Google Cloud Region in Warsaw?

This is the first Google investment of this type in Central and Eastern Europe. Therefore, companies operating in this area will notice many benefits and positive changes, such as a greater availability and efficiency of the cloud services. Warsaw Region will feature three separate cloud availability zones with full Google IT infrastructure. Having three different data centers will provide service continuity in case of a breakdown. What are other expected benefits?

  • The Region will provide access to the whole range of Google Cloud services, such as:

Compute Engine – an IaaS solution that enables users to launch virtual machines on demand
App Engine – a platform for developing and hosting web applications in Google-managed data centers
Google Kubernetes Engine – an open-source service for running containerized applications in the Google Cloud
Cloud Bigtable – a high-performance data storage system
Cloud Spanner – a distributed SQL database
BigQuery – a serverless data warehouse for Big Data analysis

  • Applications using Google Cloud Platform will be faster and more efficient. Delays in data transfer will be minimized due to app files being stored in data centers closer to the users
  • Applications will be more widely available and more steady because they will be based on the computational potential of the entire region and not only a single data center
  • Migrating to the cloud will be easier and more effective. Google is training specialists and issuing certificates, sharing the knowledge needed for successful usage of Cloud technologies
  • Increased efficiency of all of Google services such as Maps, Ads, or Analytics

The official launch of Google Cloud Region Warsaw – 14-17 April 2021

You can join this online event to learn how the new Region will influence the economy of Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. Google supervisors as well as the leaders of the biggest polish companies will deliver presentations and talk about the newest solutions of the Cloud technology. You will also learn about how cloud solutions can support your company in overcoming the most complex business challenges. Join us!

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, we will care about delivering the best results related to the launch of the Warsaw Region, such as significant changes in technology awareness and the speed of business and economic development. If you want to learn more about Cloud solutions, contact us and our experts will be happy to answer all of your questions.