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Use the full potential of Google My Business with our guide and tips

By April 9, 2021April 26th, 2021Blog, retail

Google My Business is a great solution for both small and large companies that provide different services on a local or global scale. This tool can help you reach your prospective customers using your online presence in Google Search and Google Maps. When the users search for products or services similar to yours, they will find up-to-date information about your places and offer. To be visible on the Internet in this way, you don’t even need to have a website!

What are the benefits of Google My Business?

First of all, when you use GMB, you allow Google Search and Maps users to find your company. It’s important because more than 90% of all Internet searches are performed with Google Search (source:

Thanks to GMB, the users not only learn about your company in the first place but also get directions to your physical locations. See how you can use your GMB listing to achieve the best business results!

I have a small company

We created a guide about Google My Business and its interesting features. With our tips, creating your GMB listing will be nice and easy  ?

My company is large, has many units

Your company is large and you have to manage many different locations? You’re finding it daunting to always keep your information up-to-date? Or maybe you just lack the time needed for managing updates, different listings, or customer reviews.

In such a case, Business Location Services is what you need!

What is Business Location Services?

It’s a complex service for managing data about different locations, dedicated to businesses such as supermarkets, gas stations, chain stores,  restaurants, financial institutions, or postal services.

How does it work?

While you only have to care about location data in your internal system, we care for keeping it up-to-date in Google Search, Maps, and My Business.

Optimized managing of your company posts in Google ensures their correctness and timeliness. It makes it easier for the customers to find your company instead of your competitors. Customers are also conveniently directed to your physical locations during their opening hours and have easy access to the right phone number to contact you. This results in larger amounts of visitors to your physical locations and website and greater customer satisfaction. Well-managed data on Google supports an omnichannel strategy that provides customers with an integrated customer experience.

Why is it worth it?

Because you get more potential customers and save your time. You don’t need to manage Google My Business yourself, as BLS provides you with our knowledge, practice, and partnership with Google. Our BLS experts manage tens of thousands of locations around the world. They have mastered all the tips and tricks, from creating the first post, through categorizing, to taking over listings in Google.


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