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Do you still use client-id? Remember Google Cloud Support Portal is getting shutdown

By March 2, 2021April 11th, 2021Blog

We would like to remind all Google Maps Platform Customers, which are still using „old“ client-id instead of „new“ API keys that Google Cloud Support Portal will shut down on March 31, 2021. It will be replaced by the Google Cloud Console, which will provide all the administrative capabilities for managing your Google Maps Platform implementation.

Starting March 31, 2021, the Support Portal will be shut down. All your settings have already been automatically migrated to the Cloud Console – client ID management is now available in the Credentials page of the Maps Platform section.

Google Maps Premium Plan usage reports and Maps Platform Analytics will no longer be available when the Support Portal is turned off. In the long term, we recommend all our clients use API keys. Therefore, we suggest replacing the client-id with API keys during the next update of your application code.

How to manage client-id in the Google Cloud Console?

1. Click on this link and go to the Credentials page to see the administration. For editing URL configuration of client-id, click on the symbol for editing:
2. For adding URLs click on „ADD URLS“:
3. You can add more domains here:

For more information on the differences between the Cloud Console and the Support Portal, do not hesitate to contact our specialist. We also provide support for migrating from client-id to API keys.