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Our colorful award from Google. Meet our Maps solutions!

By December 11, 2020February 4th, 2022Blog

At the beginning of this year, Globema was recognized in the Google Cloud Partner Specialization program. We received the Location-Based Services specialization. Being a part of the Google Cloud Partner Specialization program is proof of our competence in developing and delivering specialized solutions. With this award, Google recognized our technical proficiency and success in providing location-based services.

Recognition in the Google Cloud Partner Specialization program comes with a statuette that we received at the beginning of November. Every award we get makes us very happy but this one is surely the most colorful one we have in our portfolio!

Which Globema applications use Google technologies?

Meet those of our products that use Maps components. As you can see, we don’t rest on our laurels. We keep on creating new solutions – two of them came out this year. Find out how they can support your business!

  • GeoTask Planner – API cloud service that helps plan optimal task and route schedules.
  • GeoTask Planner Portal – service for an automated task and route planning that can be accessed from a browser. It’s very easy to use: you just load an excel file with information about tasks and employees and GeoTask Planner Portal automatically plans routes and distributes tasks among your fieldwork employees.
  • GeoTask – system for managing fieldwork that optimizes task distribution and schedule and monitors fieldwork progress in real-time.
  • GeoTraxx – application for planning optimal routes tailored to different business models. GeoTraxx significantly reduces transportation costs.

More than just an offer

Success in developing solutions based on Google Cloud is not enough to receive Location-Based Services specialization. We also needed to have at least two Professional Cloud Architect certificates and at least four Google Maps Platform Developer certificates. Globema fulfilled those requirements and our new products are more than the enrichment of our offer. They are also a result of our developing competencies in Google Cloud technology.

Learn more

If you are thinking about using Google Cloud solutions or services, such as Maps API products, feel free to contact us! We remind you of the 7 reasons to work with Google Premier Partner 🙂