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Holiday trends shown on Google Maps

By November 27, 2020December 11th, 2020Blog

Recently, we wrote about the shopping behaviors and trends in the COVID-19 times as reported by Google. Today, we are sharing Google Maps analyses about the users’ holiday preparations. Google has investigated data from March to October 2020 to see how people travel, spend their free time, and get things done during the pandemic.

This year, we can expect that family reunions will be smaller or even take place online. However, people are looking for ways to spend this Christmas and winter break as traditionally as possible.

Dashing through the snow in a car, on a bike, or on a train?

Most of the Google Maps users try to travel in a way that allows them to avoid contact with other passengers. It’s no surprise that driving remains the most popular mode of transportation. The interest in public transportation decreased by more than 50%. Additionally, the number of people who choose cycling increased by 30%.


Social distancing during the holiday season

The information about popular times and the live busyness of places on Google Maps have always been particularly useful tools for avoiding crowds while running errands before Christmas time. This year it will additionally help us to follow social distancing rules. For example, the analysis of Google Maps in the US has shown that grocery stores are the busiest on Saturday between 1 and 3 pm. It’s always worth checking out the information on the Google profile of a restaurant or store you want to visit.

Christmas food and entertainment

Back in spring, the Internet’s users were all about searching for homemade meal recipes. But now it seems like the responsibility of Christmas preparations made people more eager to order food delivery and takeaway meals. The number of “takeaway” phrase searches has increased by 306% compared to the beginning of the pandemic!

Despite the much cooler weather, the number of Google Maps users who are searching for nearby parks, woods, and gardens has increased. Searches for outdoor places are appearing more often now than they did last year in the fall and winter before the pandemic.

No matter how you plan on spending Christmas and winter break, Google Maps will help you get everything done and find a place to take a rest!