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Track your Google Maps Platform usage per channel and create a more detailed report

By July 9, 2020September 2nd, 2020Blog

It’s important to monitor your Google Maps Platform usage, quota, and billing numbers on a regular basis. Monitoring these numbers can help you track requests made by projects, stay within predefined consumption limits, and control costs through planned budgets. Now, you can start tracking your usage via numeric channels. This is another way to categorize the source of your usage in addition to the product. It is available directly at Billing reports section.

To start tracking per channel, you need to add the ‘channel’ parameter to your requests. The only acceptable channel values are numbers from 0-999. Here are a few examples:

Geocoding Web Service API,+Mountain+View,+CA&key=YOUR_API_KEY&channel=1

Maps JavaScript API

<script src="" async defer></script>

* Currently, channel data is not available for these SKUs: Autocomplete without Places Details – Per Session, Autocomplete (included with Places Details) – Per Session and Geolocation

You can monitor your channel usage directly on your Billing Report. Channels will reflect under Labels as Key: ‘goog-maps-channel’.

To filter your billing report by SKU and channel:
  1. Use the Group by SKU filter.
  2. Click on the Labels
  3. Click on the Key dropdown and select: goog-maps-channel
  4. Click on the Value dropdown and select the numerical channels you want to filter

Alternatively, you can also Group by Label key: ‘goog-maps-channel’ if you’d like to see the cost generated by each channel.

Once you have implemented channel usage data in your requests, there may be a short delay (up to 24 hours) before the data is reflected in your billing report.


Do you have any questions or concerns? Do not hesitate to ask our experts.