Google Maps implementation for visualizing high-speed Internet coverage

By May 15, 2020July 8th, 2020Blog

Fiber Network Services (FNS) is a Czech company providing Internet access, voice, and IPTV services. It offers its customers the possibility of a reliable connection to a modern optical network. The company operates throughout Czechia with the aim of speeding up selected areas – mainly cities or city districts. FNS has newly implemented Google Maps into its project „Accelerating city of Přeštice“ with the aim of visualizing the city’s coverage by high-speed internet.

FNS has been cooperating with Globema for many years and now we have become partners for using Google Maps services. Globema ensured the delivery of a complete solution for visualization, including data preparation.

Availability of FNS services

Using map data speeds up the customer’s orientation in identifying the coverage of the services offered. FNS chose the Google Maps Platform because of the API services offered and the easy implementation into websites. The highest priority was given to the functional autocomplete for suggestion and address filling. Therefore Google Maps Platform was a clear choice. Customers have the opportunity to search for their address and find out the connection options and connection capacity (data imported as KML file). They can then arrange the connection of their household via the contact form.

  • Places Autocomplete (for finding the right addresses) limited to the town of Přeštice
  • Stylized background map and icons for better readability
  • Imported GeoJSON data generated from external network inventory software
  • Simple pop-up windows with information about the connection speed in the given place

22 km

Optical network length

up to 1 Gbps

Connection capacity

Our final project looks very professional, thanks to Google Maps, and sets us apart from the competitors. We are planning to use Google Maps for other projects in other cities. I rate the cooperation with Globema as excellent. I have not met such a company for a long time.
— František Čihák, Fiber Network Services