Let them find you

By February 5, 2020July 8th, 2020Blog

We’re not looking for the client, but the client is looking for us. He/she wants to buy a product or order a service in YOUR company. A dream situation, right? Below you will find some of our hints so that they won’t look for you anymore, but will start finding you.

Take a look at your company website. You’ll probably already have your company’s website – often in the form of a list of addresses.

Hint 1:

Replace the address list with a map integrated into your service. The street name itself, together with the number and postcode, is so enigmatic that even people living nearby may have trouble finding your business.
If the simplest map is helpful enough (e.g. you own one small shop), you can stop reading further. However, if your business is based on a wide network of establishments, we encourage you to continue reading!

Hint 2:

Implement the map directly on your website. It is best if it gives it a wider context, i.e. it allows you to find the most convenient (the nearest, open at the right time) facility. Yes, but to which point will it be closest? Let’s also answer this question to the customer by giving the approximate time of arrival on foot, car or public transport on the map. Let’s also show the predicted outline of the route, depending on where our customer is located.
By the way, it is worth considering how we can additionally save the customer’s time.

Hint 3:

As the owner of the map license on your site we have control over its content. We can limit ourselves to placing only our service points on it. However, it is worth giving the customer the opportunity to use the so-called intelligent hints. Maybe during a visit to your facility he will do other things: have lunch in a nearby restaurant, pick up a book bought in an online bookstore. So make sure that the map contains something more than just your company’s address base.
Address, time of arrival, neighborhood – we already have it. Now is the time to complete the information about each of the many points.

Hint 4:

The more locations, the more information. Different opening hours, phone numbers, service differences. It’s worth putting all this data in, and then make sure it’s regularly updated and the point’s picture is as fresh as possible. A business card in a map service is essential!
Is there a solution described in the above hints? Of course it does – most of us use it intuitively. Google Maps solutions for companies or Business Location Services have already been tried out on more than 5 million pages of small and large businesses. We use them every day. Do you need a better recommendation?

If you still have some doubts about placing a map on your website, we have created a video that explains everything you need to make your user interaction more enjoyable.

Remember that without the Google Maps API key your service will not be able to load maps correctly and can display a message: “This site can’t load Google Maps correctly”. You have this problem? We’re here to solve it!
Learn more about Google Maps Platform solutions. Globema is a long-standing partner of Google and the only Polish partner of Google Maps with the highest status – Premier.