Business Location Services – manage your company presence with Google

By September 15, 2019July 8th, 2020Blog

The right management of a company’s location-related data means a higher position in Google’s rank and a higher profit. You may not have time to take care of updating information about different places or manage customer reviews. In this case, Business Location Services come to the rescue! We provide this service in collaboration with  the Austrian company, g-Xperts. g-Xperts has been a Google partner for many years, just like Globema.

What exactly is Business Location Services?

Valid data allow customers to find your company’s location and business hours. BLS is a complex service for managing location-based data. It’s dedicated to business chains, financial insitutions, post offices, and other companies which are located at different addresses. Up-to-date information in Google means more clients for all these companies.

How does it work?

Having up-to-date data in your internal systems automatically means updated information in Google. It’s a constant process instead of an occasional data import. The API we use to send data through our location-based services platform works this way. Our experts care about your locations’ data quality, compliance with Google’s guidelines, data cleaning, and enriching data to improve SEO.

Manage company reputation

The customers’ reviews are valuable feedback. It’s important to regularly answer them. It’s the perfect opportunity to strenghtening customer relations. Our reviews panel includes the view of data from all of your locations. Your team may answer customers’ reviews through the panel. The ratings can be filtered by different criteria and they can be downloaded for analysis.

Delete duplicate and invalid entries

The mistakes in a localization’s description and invalid postal codes or phone numbers are a big problem for large companies. They worsen positions in the ranking and harm SEO. Business Location Services helps to improve this data and update it in Google Maps. Outdated, invalid, or duplicate Google entries are followed and deleted by location-based services experts on an ongoing basis, based on different search criteria.

Why is BLS worth it?

It’s worth it because it saves your time. You don’t need to manage Google My Business on your own. Thanks to BLS you can use our knowledge, engagement, and partnership with Google. BLS experts manage tens of thousands locations around the world. We have learned all the tricks and know all the hints – from the first entry, through categorization, to overtaking Google entries.

Our partners

g-Xperts are the creators of BLS’s and geolocation and cloud-based application specialists. The company was founded in 2011 in Vienna. In addition to being Google partners, g-Xperts are a CARTO Preferred Partner and a Lucidworks Gold Partner.