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Fast and reliable food delivery? With and Google Maps it’s possible!

By August 7, 2019July 8th, 2020Blog
rohlik, an on-line grocery store founded in 2014, is the largest food delivery player in Czechia. Currently, it operates in several Czech cities and its services are available to more than 2.5 million potential customers. It offers the best service in Europe in regard to distribution time and the quality of delivered groceries. We support Rohlik since 2017 in the scope of Google Maps Platform services.

Rohlik’s milestones on the road to success

1,000 orders per day

December 2015

200 couriers work for Rohlik

October 2016

1 million orders delivered & 4,000 orders a day received

February 2017

Launch of a mobile app and expansion to other cities

March 2017

Rohlik managed to achieve a turnover of 2 billion CZK

September 2017

In 2018, Rohlik served 1,600,000 orders

January 2019


Online grocery shopping has a huge potential not only in Czechia. had a clearly defined goal from the beginning – to differentiate themselves from the competitors. They wanted to provide better service, improve the speed of delivery, be customer-oriented and maintain service quality. To speed up delivery, it is necessary to have accurate information about the customer’s location, be able to calculate which courier will deliver the order and how long the process will take. It is also more than necessary to know traffic conditions, especially in crowded cities where food delivery service is available.


At the very beginning, has decided to use Google Maps services. These are used to easily define the delivery area, to find and validate the delivery address, to calculate the arrival time of the courier based on the current traffic situation or even calculate his delay. We use all of the Google Maps Platform products – Maps, Routes and Places and their solutions like Maps Javascript API, Geocoding API, and Distance Matrix API. Traffic information is simply the main benefit of Google Maps for delivering goods. Furthermore, it has global coverage of high-quality data. Therefore, in the case of expansion abroad, the built solution can be easily used without major changes.

What are the goals for this year?

At this moment, the company’s goals include automating the process in their warehouses and headquarters, the availability of service every time customers need it, and maintaining the quality of their assortment of goods and internal and external growth. Thanks to Google Maps, is able to meet its goals and keep the growing trend in 2019, especially when this successful project is expanding to Budapest, Hungary.

We are expanding our services abroad this year. Not knowing the local routes, addresses or neighborhood names, we rely on Google Maps' global support. We know that wherever our cars drive, they can access the map services. Our goal is to deliver quality food to our customers at a guaranteed time. And we know that we can do it because of Google Maps global coverage.

Ondřej Klamt, CTO in