We’re on YouTube with Google Maps Platform series!

By August 2, 2019October 1st, 2019Blog

Would you like to know more about Google Maps Platform (GMP) – the most innovative map platform in the world? Learn how to use it with Globema, Google Cloud Premier Partner. We’ve started a Youtube tutorial series to share our knowledge in short videos about this platform, all products, and specific API services.

#1: What was before, what is now?

Last year, Google introduced Google Maps Platform. In this video, we cover license changes, pricing changes and products: Maps, Routes, Places. Check it out!

#2: Maps as a core product

What’s the difference between static and dynamic map? What is an embed map? Can I use Street view on my website? Static or dynamic? All of these questions and much more are covered in this short video. It’s about one of 3 core products – Maps and its API services.

#3: Routes as a core product

How to lower costs and improve customer experiences? How to optimize workforce? Is it even possible to provide reliable directions? Anywhere in the world? In this video, we cover one of these products – Routes and its APIs services. Let’s find the answers together!

#4: Places as a core product

Do you want to help users explore the world around them? Build your application with comprehensive location data. Explore the powerful capabilities of Places – another core product. Discover all the APIs services and Autocomplete function.

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