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Choosing your dream holiday? With NaCesty (and Google Maps) it’s easy!

By April 12, 2019February 24th, 2020Blog

Travel agency, a leading search engine for tours, accommodation and airline tickets, offers tours from German travel agencies to Czech customers. The company specializes in internet sales and is known for investing twice as much in development as in marketing. Google Maps have been used to improve the offered services since 2015 when the cooperation with Globema started.


The company has been on the Czech market since 2004 and as was growing it has always been focused on offering better services than their competitors. That is why needed, among other things, a map platform that can be used for finding and showing the best departure airports. The reason is finding the nearest airports, which operate the flights to often very exotic destinations, is not a trivial task even for experienced travellers.

Solutions chose Google Maps, the most up-to-date and scalable map platform in the world because it offers global coverage, rich and real-time data, the well-known map interface, which users love -plus the implementation of the web services is very easy. Thanks to the implementation of map services, the number of users and customers has increased and the cost of customer support has been reduced.

  • finding the nearest departure airports based on the user location and calculation of the travel distances by distance matrix API service
  • selection of departure airports interactively from the map
  • displaying all hotels in the selected destination on an interactive map
  • the possibility of filtering hotels displayed on the map according to different parameters
  • aerial imagery of the location of a particular hotel gives a possibility to explore the area


people visit the website annually


clients book travel with every year


hotels offer deals through the web site
Using Google Maps, we’ve built a website that makes it simple for customers to choose the best vacation destinations and hotels. They also get help selecting the most convenient departure airports. People don’t want booking vacation travel to be stressful. With Google Maps, we’ve been able to make it an easy and enjoyable experience.
Václav Uher, Co-founder and Managing Director,